How did we stack up against other agents in July?

How did we stack up against other agents in July?

How do we help our property owners cater to the changing wants and needs of today's renters? We start by asking right questions. It's not just about what they're looking for, it's about why they haven't found it yet. The key to finding their next perfect home is in the problems that we can solve to help them get on with their lives.


We're constantly assessing trends and making adjustments to help our properties stand out. We're also focussed on creating a digital journey for renters that gives them the information they need, when they need it.  Delivering a great product and making it easy to zero in on the right one means that our properties don't stay on the market for long!


Leading the pack isn't new to us, but it's an indicator that what we're doing is working for our renters and our property owners. You can see for yourself in the Rightmove report below: it shows how we've ranked against other agencies in just some of our core areas in July.



Of course, what's important isn't how we compare to other agents, it's how we're succeeding on your behalf. For that reason, Spencer, our Managing Director of Lettings, is pushing for our industry to become more collaborative.


Spencer will be giving a webinar for Rightmove at the end of August on the new methods we're using to majorly improve how quickly and accurately we can find the perfect resident for every property. He’ll also talk about the ways that we're serving our owners better, and how we've built a team that's highly specialised, empowered, and loves what they do (because that's the type of team that gets results!).


It's our hope that more agencies out there will help us to raise the standards of service in our industry. Sharing our creative ideas with each other will only help us to make your journey with us even better!